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Many shy away from outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding; Medical Transcription and Medical Bookkeeping efforts for their practice because they fear a loss of control of the process. In actuality the reverse is true. By outsourcing these tasks, you achieve a Greater level of control of the process. The use of trained, dedicated professionals who do this as their primary business assures a higher quality of service than you can achieve with an in-house employee.

Professional Medical Management charges a percentage of what is actually collected, we are NOT paid an hourly rate as you would an employee. Therefore if you don't get paid.....we don't get paid!!

A Summary of the Benefits you Receive are:

  • Reduced Hiring Costs
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Reduced Tax and Health Benefits Cost
  • Reduced Office Supply Costs
  • Reduced Postage Costs

  • Maximizing Insurance Payouts
  • Pre-Certification of Coverage Prior to Procedure 

  • Rapid Claims Turnaround Time
  • Error Free Processing

  • Focus on your Patients
  • Administrative and Paperwork headaches are off your shoulders

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